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Mission Statement
Cansoma’s mission is to support developmental programs in Middle Shabele Region of Somalia, which has been the centre of a long and destructive civil war since 1990 in which hundreds of thousands died and many more became refugees. Most of the schools, hospitals, and roads have been destroyed.

There is a great need for basic health, education and sanitation services. We will work in the Middle Shabele Region of Somalia, planning to build one community at a time.
By working together, we can create a world where hunger, poverty, insecurity, is eradicated and human dignity is restored.
The main objectives of Cansoma are to assist children and adults with the basic needs of life, such as food and clothing, as well as the rebuilding of schools, hospitals and libraries. We also want to assist in the educational development of the population by providing learning materials such as school books as well as school furniture, and computers and by helping to build libraries and other facilities for schools and orphanages.

It is intended that we will also help communities with equipment and services and to implement sanitation standards to provide clean water in these impoverished Communities.

Cansoma will send local Somali volunteers to verify that the donations reach the needy communities are used properly and those projects are completed according to the timetable.

Cansoma Contact Information:

Cansoma, c/o Adam Bishow
Elmvale P. O. Box 41137
1910 St.Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 1A0

E-mail: info@cansoma.org

Adam Bishow:
Phone: +1 613-247-1638
Fax: +1 613-247-3341