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Sponsor a child's education

You can sponsor a child in Warsheekh by providing monthly or yearly contributions of dollars to cover his/her food and shelter cost. We will keep you informed of the child's progress in school.


We encourage you to join our efforts by volunteering your time and effort! Volunteers serve in many ways, including: answering the phone, sending e-mails, preparing mailings, and more.

Volunteers make it possible for Cansoma to save thousands of dollars in staff time — savings we will pass on to the humanitarian and mission organizations we serve. To find out more about how you or your group can volunteer at Cansoma, or become a member ,please call or send us e-mail.

Cansoma is made up of a talented team of professionals who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. If you are interested in one of the following positions, please contact us.

How to Donate

Credit Card or PayPal

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
1200 ST-Laurent Blvd.
P.O.Box 46, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 3B8, Canada
Swift Number: CIBCCAAT
Account number: 010 00496 9746315
Check or Money Order
Donations in the form of a check or money order may be mailed to:
Elmvale P. O. Box 41137
1910 St.Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 1A0