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Retraining former doctors and nurses

Unemployed former doctors and nurses will go through retraining seminars and classes with the help of Médecins sans frontières (MSF) and other international medical organizations.

After their retraining, former doctors and nurses will be employed in local hospitals and clinics where they will be able to provide for the medical needs of local communities.

Organizing disease prevention seminars for the communities.

“Prevention is better than a cure.”

We will organize seminars for the local communities where they will be informed about the dangers of many types of diseases and how best to prevent them.

These education and awareness campaigns are geared towards health promotion and disease prevention for healthy and at-risk individuals in the communities.

Our volunteers will make house-to-house visits to these communities to provide the health promotion and disease prevention programs.

Promoting and providing vaccines

We will promote vaccination programs for newborns as well as other children and adults. We will teach them the importance of vaccines and how they help to prevent disease.  We will provide vaccines free of charge to the locals.

The Vaccine Preventable and Infectious Diseases programs work closely to eliminate or minimize the occurrence and impact of preventable diseases in local communities.

This is achieved by raising awareness and providing immunizations to the community, teaching prevention, conducting surveillance, following up on cases of infectious diseases and by providing outbreak management in the event that it is needed.

Renovating and building hospitals and clinics

With the help of international and local donors we plan to renovate many old hospitals and clinics, which have been neglected since the onset the civil war. We are sure that, once renovated, these facilities will be able to serve the health care needs of the community.

Providing medical equipment and supplies

With the help of governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as private citizens, we plan to equip the functioning clinics with much-needed medical equipment and supplies. These will include medical items, food and nutritional items, new clothing, surgical instruments and personal care items.

HIV and AIDS Awareness Program

Campaigns to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS will be undertaken in communities in Somalia.  We will consult with the local village elders and through them we will transmit our awareness messages.