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Social Services

Ensuring all children are safeguarded from joining armed gangs

Many unschooled children youth join militias and become child soldiers since they do not have the opportunity to go school or to find jobs. By providing schools and vocational training programs, we hope to prevent children and youth from joining militias and gangs. This will also help to reduce the systematic rape and abduction of young women by the heavily armed gangs of looters.
Rehabilitating street kids and providing them education, food, and housing
During the civil war many children who lost their parents became street kids. These children make a living by begging for money or stealing from the unsuspecting passers-by. Many of these kids grow up to become hardened criminals and disturb the peace of local communities. The only solution is to provide them with shelter, schooling and food while young. With the help of donations, we will be able to rehabilitate the street kids and other vulnerable children and youth.
Reuniting war-torn families
Whenever there is an armed conflict or natural disaster, residents may have had to flee at a moment’s notice, without time to notify loved ones. Downed communications lines, refugee movement, and general chaos are just some of the circumstances that have made it difficult for family members to locate one other from the early days of the civil war until now. Many families lost a parent and have had no contact whatsoever since the beginning of the civil war. Some were forced to drop everything and run and in many cases did not find safety until they reach another country. Through local and international media, we will help these families reunite.