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Building and renovating schools: Many old schools are crumbling due to lack of maintenance. Refugees seeking shelter occupy some schools. We plan to renovate uninhabited ones and make them available for schooling. We also plan to build schools for the communities that never had them.

Training teachers: There is a great need for locally trained teachers. Our teachers’ training programs are directed at former teachers and new graduates who will fill the need for teachers in many communities. A “win-win” situation will result from this training of teachers: locals will have teachers, and in turn teachers will find employment.

Organizing adult literacy programs: We plan to offer basic literacy programs for adults. In these programs adults will learn to read and write and also learn how to use computers.

We will provide books, computers and other learning materials. This program, which is called Adult Education and Literacy (AEL), will help adults obtain the basic skills they need to be productive workers and good citizens.

Literacy programs will be available to adults needing basic, general, or specialized skills instruction. The major areas of support will be adult basic education, adult secondary education, and computing and English language acquisition.

These programs emphasize basic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, English language competency and problem solving.